Feel the African breath with Ked Safaris Uganda’s invitation to discover the amazing nature and landscapes of East African countries through out our safari routes across the region. The events in our packages will expose you to the stunning fauna and flora. Take a click and you will be in Africa already. A set off filled with the hospitality of the East African people will give you a remarkable arrival to the continent of adventure. Uganda (The Pearl of Africa) was chosen from our previous sales as the best starting point if you wish to cover East Africa and therefore Entebbe international airport will set you out and begin your ground safaris. Nobody has ever stepped on this continent and walked way the same. So, expect a lot of changes after your personal experience. Lets get started!


Maasai Mara Safari (7 Days)

Tanzania Adventure Safari (7 Days)

Great Rwanda Safari (10 Days)

Gorilla Adventure (11 Days)

Adventure Uganda & Tanzania (12 Days)

Kenya - Uganda- Rwanda Special Safari (12 Days)

Expedition Special (14 Days)

The Great 3 Safari: Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania (15 Days)

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